The statistics are alarming!  In United States, a burglary happens approximately every 15-seconds and 65% of the violent burglary victims know the offenders.  What do you really know about your Los Gatos neighbors.  

According to CheckMate.com that tracks crime stats in United States, the person who will most likely commit a burglary is someone who lives within 2 mile radius of victim’s home – or may be even a neighbor!    They also site that the on average these burglary offense are committed by White Mails under age of 25 with prior criminal history.    They also site an average theft loss for each break-in to be about $1,675 and ironically about 34% of the break-ins occurs from the Front Door!

Fortunately, Los Gatos Neighborhood Watch is one of the resources available to get more information about safety and prevention.  Also, latest technologies can also be applied with start-up companies such as Nextdoor.com where neighbors can create small zones and invite their Next Door Neighbors to sign up.

In our case the Neighborhood section is called KennedyNorth and neighbors post information about lost pets, burglaries, and neighborhood activities in Los Gatos.  These neighborhood portals include Categories such as :

1) Classifieds
2) Crime & Safety
3) Documents
5) Free Items
6) General
7) Lost & Found
8) Recommendations

We find the recommendation sections useful since neighbors are able to share information and about contractors or professionals they are happy to endorse.   

CheckMates recommends that home owners get know each other’s contact and emergency information and keep a watchful eye on their neighbors house as well as their own.     We could not agree more.  What do you think?!  Let us know if you are part of a neighborhood group.  

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