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According to HubSpot, Inbound Marketing leads are 61% more effective than Outbound Marketing cause these contacts are pre-qualified since they were the one’s who initiated the search for your Products & Services.    They already need your product and services.

For Inbound marketing, your customers use Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to search for a service or a product.   And if you have done enough Search Engine Optimization on your website, you would appear on the 1st page of the Search Results.  Granted Google wants you to use Adwords to buy advertising to be ranked higher, but that’s a very costly proposition like the Outbound Marketing. That is not to say that if Adwords don’t work.  In fact, they do work, but the challenge becomes that the minute you stop buying the ads on these Search Engines, your Traffic will also grind to a halt as well.

Unlike other website that sell products, Real Estate require an on-going contact with the potential buyer or seller who is searching for information on a property or a loan, but is not yet ready to purchase.   So, the Conversion strategies and methods have to be uniquely tailored for Real Estate customers.   Here are a sample conversion methods that you need to develop for each type of Real Estate customers:

1) Property Search:   Some customers are just starting to search for a property and might want to focus on a specific area of the Country.   As long as they leave an email address or request more detail on a specific property, this can be measured as a Contact since it creates an opportunity to qualify this customers and start working with him/her.  Most MLS Board now offer IDX Plugins for WordPress that can accommodate this function where your potential buyer can search for properties on their own and only contact you when they have found a home matching their needs.

2) Listing Appointment:  This conversion is a simple Lead conversion to implement since it only requires a Contact button on your WordPress site where you can obtain the contact information of the seller.   However, test the features of the contact form to get the best results since not all  contact forms deliver.

3) Newsletter Subscription:  If you are writing a Real Estate specific Newsletter, then you can offer that to the visitors and ask them to sign up for it.

4) Blog Subscription:   You can easily implement a subscription to your blog by requiring the readers to leave their email address.   There are plenty of plugins that automate this task.

5) Ask for Leave Comments:    Although not considered a conversion, but asking for Comments is a good start to engage your blog readers and direct to other related topics that might finally convince them to contact you when they are ready.

Tell us about your conversion method for large ticket items like Real Estate.