Distressed properties still represent the greatest opportunity to create cash flow income for  most investors.   However, knowing the trends in Foreclosures should help these investors identify the best markets to target for acquisition.  For instance, foreclosure filing in Santa Clara county have dropped 41% according to Foreclosure Radar which tracks the Foreclosure activity across several Western States.  

However, the notice of Sales have increased by 38% which could be an indicator that the number of foreclosures could increase in the coming months. Does this mean there are no good investment opportunities in Santa Clara county!?  Our answer is a resounding no since we have our Short Sale listing that with great potential for rental income and perhaps a flip after some repairs.

Closer to home in Cupertino,  the picture is improving due to Great Public School where the demand continues to outpace the inventory of available homes for sale.  The graph below show the Foreclosure filings in Cupertino Notice of Sale filings declined 50 percent compared to the previous month.  But the Notice of Sales jumped by 50% during April 2013!   That is a significant increase which means that there should be additional REO and Auction properties available in Cupertino in the coming months.

So the fall of 2103 is shaping up to be an interesting season if you are looking for Cupertino Short Sales, Cupertino REOs or Cupertino Auction homes.  You can visit our Foreclosure Listing page to locate distressed properties in Cupertino.

You can also contact us to learn more about strategies to profit from purchasing REOs.

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