bathroom-remodelOne of the best investments before selling your house could be a Small Bathroom Remodel which typically adds a lot to your home’s value.  Small Bathroom improvements are easiest to recover 100% or more of the investments in they are done properly.  Now that you know that you will recover all of your investments from a Small Bathroom Remodel, does it make sense to go “Green”?

Considering eco-friendly options for walls and horizontal surfaces could be one alternative.  Vetrazzo is one company that manufactures recycled glass surfaces that can be used in both bathrooms and kitchens.  But you should consider the prices of these slabs and the fact that not every fabricator can install and polish these slabs.

Another major cost of a kitchen remodel is Cabinets and Vanities.  There are plenty of companies who market eco-friendly cabinets from re-purposed or solid wood from materials that does not contain any Urea Formaldehyde.

As for the Paint, there are plenty of manufacturers that now offer paints with zero or low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) that are ideal for Small Kitchens and Small Bath Remodels.   However, remember to use neutral colors that will be a good match for the paint job on the rest of the house.

Finally, Flooring is another area where you can go Green without busting your budget with options as varied as Natural Hardwood Floors to Bamboo which is very eco-friendly.

But before you embark on a massive remodel, it’s wise to get an estimate for your After-Repair-Value of your Home to make sure if you really need to suffer through a remodel to NET the money you want out of your sale. Feel free to contact us if you need to find your home value.

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