Cultter turns off buyers

Cultter turns off buyers

Most of us are guilty of over-spending on personal items to a point where there is Storage industry born to meet the ever growing problem of clutter in our homes.

So, before you decide to sell your home, have a Realtor walk though the property and give  his/her honest first impression that a potential buyer is going to get from the property.   Even HGTV has figured this out and they are offering Seller Advice on their show to prepare home owners to sell their home.

Some of the action items you can consider to remove the clutter are:

Organize Garage Sales:  This is an excellent opportunity to motivate you to get ride of the Household good, supplies and clothing that you have NOT used in the past 1 year!  Your selection criteria could even be harsher than than since if you have NOT needed an item for more than 1 year, there is no need to have it occupy valuable space in your home and create clutter.

Donate to Charity:  One of the brilliant outcome of Garage Sales are that if you are unable to sell your items, it must be a wonderful reason to donate them instead of pushing them back into the garage or your extra bedroom.

Throw it away:  Most of us develop emotional attachment to items and search high-low to find justification to keep an item instead of throwing them away. If you have grown children, its good to ask them to come and sift through the items one last time, before you throw them out for good.

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