Have you ever watch any of the Real Estate shows in HGTV?  How about the HGTV show about 1st time buyers?  How about Property Brothers who remodel fixer uppers for their clients?

These show feature real estate brokers who play a huge role in the success of their clients real estate transactions.   So, if you are in the market for a home or selling your existing one, then you might want to start your search for such a super hero!  Here are some places to check to find a good agent:

1) Yelp:  Yelp offers reviews of brokers who specialize in certain markets.  Using Yelp you can narrow down your search based on zip code or city names.

2) Zillow :  Zillow offers MLS data on active listings along with the Listing ih agent information.

3) Trulia:  Truila is another restate agent portal which offers Q&A, Blog along with profiles of real estate agents.  From Trulia you can request information about specific listing and post questions about your real estate transactions.

Keep in mind that both Zillow and Trulia offer advertising options for agents who want to be featured.  So, the reason an agent is being featured, might be for sheer amount of advertising dollars that agent is spending.

In California your agent has to be licensed to be able to represent you in any real estate transaction. You would be well advised to check the Consumer section of California Dept of Real Estate (DRE) website to make sure the broker you want to employ has an active license free of any disciplinary actions which would signify that they have violated DRE guidelines.

Another factor in your selection criteria could be the amount of real estate commission a broker charges on to represent you.  Remember, commission are negotiable.  In addition we believe in pay for performance and if we will sell your home in 30 days with multiple offers, there is no reason for us to require a full 6% commission.

Finally, make sure you get references before you finalize your your real estate agent selection.


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