Solar-Ready Roof

Solar-Ready Roof

California Energy Commisison has introduced all new standars for newly constructed residential and commercial buildgs.  These measure that took affect in January 2014 will require that all new buildings should have solar-ready roofs.

Solar-Ready roofs will offer both home owners and the developers to add PV panels at a later date.  These Solar-ready roofs will also make repairs and service of each panel much simpler.   In addition to the solar-ready roof, the new standards will requir more efficient windows, insulated hot water pipes and ventilation systems, in order to boost efficiency.    

But just like any mandated standards these one’s will also cost developers more money which they will pass on to the home buyers.  In fact, the expected increase in construction will be around $2,290.  B ut the energy savings over 30 years would far exceed $6,200.  “Based on a 30-year mortgage, the standards will add approximately $11 per month for the average home, but save consumers $27 on monthly heating, cooling, and lighting bills,” said a statement release by the Caifornia PUC.

Ironically we are interested in the market for a new roof and would like to install a Solar-Ready roof.